Spend the day on a free rental

drop off your baby and roll out on one of ours 

Whether you're in the shop for repairs, maintenance, or a well-deserved upgrade, it’s unlikely you have the liberty of being without transportation. It's even worse when that transportation is your Harley-Davidson.

Let's face it, we hate leaving our bikes.

So now when you service your motorcycle at H-D of NYC, we offer you:

  • A Free Rental Bike For One Day*
  • 15% off the cost of each additional day with the rental which is: 
    1: Touring/ Softails: weekday $135  weekend $144 per day
    2: Dynas: weekday $124  weekend $135 per day
    3: Sportsters/ Streets $118  weekend $124 per day
  • Only requirement: an initial credit card deposit and purchase of insurance required.
For more information call: (718) 707-9300 ext. 136

* Bike choice subject to day-of bike availablility.